Kim's Sushi - A West Orange Gem

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By The Hungry House Hunter

Welcome to the latest installment of “The Hungry House Hunter,” where we chronicle the culinary wonders of Northern New Jersey as seen through the eyes, mouth and stomach of our adventuresome and ravenous house-hunting gourmand.

Our Hungry House Hunter knows the first rule of house hunting is never to venture out on an empty stomach.

With that in mind, our Hunter stopped by Kim’s Sushi in West Orange one recent Sunday for a spot of lunch. 

This cozy little restaurant - run by the very friendly and ever-present Mr. Kim - is a favorite for 3 major reasons - the quality of fish is superb, the presentation is artful, and the service is swift and friendly.

Being a Sunday the lunch specials were not on offer, so our Hungry House Hunter opted to order nigiri sushi a la carte.

What arrived was a beautiful selection of ocean morsels, including eel, squid, red snapper and flying fish roe, accompanied by a small green salad and a bowl of white miso soup.


Kim’s menu is as extensive as it is creative, with traditional offerings like chirashizushi, chicken karaage, and sea urchin, as well as an endless variety of rolls including the mouth-watering “Spider Roll” — soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, pickled burdok root wrapped in rice, seaweed paper, soybean paper and teriyaki sauce.

On the way out, our happily sated House Hunter thanked Mr. Kim in his very limited Korean, “Kam-sa-ham-ni-da”, to which Mr. Kim smiled and said, “You are very welcome”.